Pranic Healing by Yajnopathy & Sound Frequencies -- A Vedic Shamanic Tantric Yajnya'Chod' -- IDAM NA MAMA

Pranic Healing by Yajnopathy & Sound Frequencies
A Vedic / Shamanic Tantric Pranic Healing


Yajnya (Vedantic: यज्ञ original Sanskrit), lit. ‘to know union’ also as Yajna or Yagna, is ritual offering of oblations to Sacred Fire commonly translating to ‘Sacrifice’ continually in use from the practices of Vedic times. The root of the word is Yaj which is literally translated as congregation of energies, yoke or union of duality. You may see its relationship to Yug/ Yog/ Yoga as one and the same bij or seed / root. Jna or jnya is ‘to know’ in the sense of knowing the True Universal Natural Law, Sanatana Dharma.

Chöd (Tibetan: གཅོད Tibetan Sanskrit), lit. 'to sever'  is a spiritual practice  among mahāsiddhas in India and later developed into an element of Tibetan Buddhism over 1000 years ago. This practice has been largely carried on by women and particularly by women sadhvis with a nomadic tradition.

This healing ceremony combines  Prānāgnihotra Upanishad and Prajñāpāramitā Sutra philosophy with specific mantras, meditation methods and shamanic Tantric ritual. It is through the lineage of Agnihotris that Niradhara carries on her unique practice. A form of Chöd was practiced in India by mahāsiddhas, prior to the 10th Century and this ritual may resemble more similarly the pre-Buddhist practices rather than those later revived by the woman monastic, Machik Labdron, the great saint and yogini of 11 and 12th century Tibet.

Yajnya therapy (as we can call it in today’s vernacular) would be an evolution of these Avadhuta practices and the Yajnya rites and rituals revived by Parama Sadguru Shree Gajanana Maharaj in 1944 in India and carried on by his disciple, Shree Vasant worldwide.  Niradhara studied a wide variety of Yajnya applications directly under Shree Vasant for 2 years living in India with a small select group of devotees of Sacred Fire at his home, as well with devotees of AnandaAshram in NY where a young Vasant began his worldwide teaching of Agnihotra and Yajnya therapies outside of India beginning at the Ashram of Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati, founder of that same Ashram where Niradhara eventually came to live as resident staff for some years.

Niradhara, with her background in Vedic Ritual and Interfaith Ministry was keen to pick up the similarities by comparison of ancient descriptives and modern practices between the two practices.  It is her unique experience of both precise adherence to Vedic disciplines (tapas) in the Indian tradition of Yajnya and the creative influence of Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati in his cultivation of Ashram living to the West, which gave birth to this particular fusion of both of her Teacher’s instructions as well as recognition of qualities practiced in Tibetan shamanism.  She is not of the lineage of Chöd as practised today among Buddhists developed from the entwined traditions of the early Indian Tantric practices transmitted to Tibet by wandering aesthetics. Niradhara herself is a disciple and teacher of the lineage of the above Vedic traditions, a traveling Sadhvi, living as an expat for several years now in India, Nepal and Ireland. Trips to New York and Massachusettes in the states are also on the agenda.  She is often available to travel on request.

Avadhūtas, or 'mad saints,' are known for their 'crazy wisdom', respected, detested, feared or held in awe due to their role of shaman among scholars:
"The Chö[d]pa's very lifestyle on the fringe of society - dwelling in the solitude of burial grounds and haunted places, added to the mad behavior and contact with the world of darkness and mystery - was enough for credulous people to view the Chödpa in a role usually attributed to shamans and other exorcists.” (quote from wiki).   Actually, this talk is fear based non-sense. Yajnya and Chod are both founded on solid physics which have been known and utilized in metaphysical practices since early Vedic civilization and most probably much earlier in pre-written history.


Chod = to cut/ sever
Yajnya = to yoke/ join/ unify

The YajnyaChöd, as an internalization of an outer ritual, involves a form of self-sacrifice: the participant visualizes their own body, with all of its broken-ness as a whole and complete offering - as the offering to fuel the burning of karmas.

Liken this to creating a patchwork quilt of all the fragmented, dissociated, egoic trips and karmic samskaric attachments which we have been trying in vain to detach our desirous nature from (as a dualistic effort). Instead, gather up and save every precious bit of as sacred scraps. Now...Unify those. That creation is a patchwork quilt honoring that which is the illusory covering of our luminous soul. Beautify the body as this exquisite and unique holographic textile. Revel in it, be amazed at its intricate work and artistic expression. That quilt, in all its resplendent glory, is yet but a construct, a covering, a blanket of skin over your luminous True Nature which is Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent.

By severing the bondages to that security blanket, the illusory hologram of matter, our True Nature is realized as whole and complete.

By offering what we see as separate from ourselves to the Fire, we become One with it and will All That Is. The ego or karmas which are cut or burned are truly not lost but only transformed to support our wholeness by the Fire within that is awakened by the Ritual Fire through purifying the Merkabah or etheric body vehicle .

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YajnyaChod is a passive process of receiving energy yet touches the participants in the healing ritual in many ways:

Clears obstacles to spiritual progress/ development on a cellular level via subtle meridians (Nadis or Pranic pathways).
Purifies the hidden karmic, samskaric and spiritual causes of dis-ease for spontaneous healing.
Neutralizes psychological patterns (samskaras) of anger, fear and confusion without psycho-analysis.
Cuts through and purifies mental disturbances to happiness, prosperity and security such as guilt, shame and blame.
Creates and opens pathways to healthier, more intimate relationships by creating flow of Prana towards Love & Bliss.
Creates a protective barrier from the negative impact of entities, variously called asuras, demons or maras.
Averts the harmful influences or contamination by ill-will of others who may be affected by negative entities.
Resolves and Atones karmic debts, creating balance in current material and spiritual pursuits.
Attracts and accumulates positive karma that supports physical, emotional and spiritual well-being and unity.
Cleanses and purifies the atmosphere (Pranic field) in one’s home or local environment.

Everything is created and sustained by vibration which moves through time space and which is one with Prana.  This Yajnya Chod includes a specially tuned 528hz crystal moldavite singing bowl which powerfully entrains the pranic field aligning energy in material forms by science of sound vibration.  This combined with the atmospheric conditioning of the Yajnya and 108 minutes of specific mantras, form the foundation of the physics that support the body's inter-dimensional self-healing.  ♥   "Matter is a form of energy."  ~Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati.

Vibration is carried in the Pranic realm via Nadis or currents/ pathways. Our bodies / auric fields consist of 5 main layers (kosas) and 11 main spinning wheels of energy centers (chakras). The body layer we most readily see and experience is the physical one – Annamayakosa or literally the body made of food. The next most obvious kosa to our normal perception is Pranamayakosa – which is constantly interpenetrating physicality or static matter driven by breath, in order to create and sustain Life in a Body. Every thing that is kinetic / animated by energy, is exhibiting a functional vibrational current and is part of this field. Even things that we do not visibly see as movement, are formed and held together by, are part of the skanda or waxing and waning of energies that breathe with the entire planet. Yes even the entire bio-sphere is a living breathing organism.

Sound (mantra and special frequencies), Yajnya Fire and its smoke are major movers of energy. This Vedic practice of Yajnya combines both and is a powerful Pranic vibrational healing. The vibrations are aligned with frequencies to heal the atmosphere / Pranic realm, and then the Prana heals the beings present in it. The warmth in the room and being coddled by blankets, is conducive of the vibrational penetration to the Body during a healing session such as this. The participants, while passive, must take part actively in the sense that they are willing receptors of this healing, releasing any blockages and suspending all dis-belief in their own body’s ability to align with its perfect true nature and heal. For this reason sometimes the most effective healings happen when a person falls asleep during the ritual. It may seem as though you are doing nothing in this process but in fact is vital that you are responsible for being present and receptive to the healings for maximum results. Even those who are not receptive will gain some benefits from just breathing in the space if they are just present, the Prana is thick with a sacred smoke endowed with physical and metaphysical healing properites. This alone can trigger deeper psyche healings and open one to more benefits.

As we may know from our meditation practices, the thinking mind is fraught with stumbling blocks. If there are any pressing questions or doubts about the workings of this healing, its best to relieve the desire to know what you need to know now before undgergoing the healing but it is not necessary to know or understand any of it as long as the participant is willing and open to receive it and suspend questions til later. It is a slow process to undergo mentation, reasoning or psycho-analysis to heal the mental-emotional body / Manomayakosa. Talking our way through the egoic jungle of a kleshic battlefield is is akin to rewriting one’s DNA by hand. Likewise, taking pharmacueticals will only mask symptoms or give temporary relief so you must take them continually, filling the Annamayakosa / body made of food with artificial pollutants. When the root cause of the dis-ease is eliminated, then there is no need to continually feed it’s symptoms. This may happen fully and completely according to one’s ability to release and relax and may remain as permanent according to one’s ability to continue the lifestyle changes which will be inspired by experiencing this healing. An unwillingness to let go or picking up old habits will only eventually lead to old physical/ mental/ emotional patterns of illness again even after healing has taken place. Very stubborn samskaras may take a series of sessions or the commitment to practice a Fire ritual yourself daily.

Until full and permanent healing has been diagnosed, it is advisable to continue medically prescribed treatments.

This self-healing practice creates an environment for spontaneous and automatic healing to occur from the root causes, empowering and blessing the Prana to align with Vijnanamayakosa / inherent wisdom (entering through the Ajna Third Eye and Ananhata Heart chakras and Thymus gland) and the body of Bliss, Anandamayakosa (entering through the Sahasrara crown chakra consciously connecting one to the multiverse by Pineal alignment). As the body-sheaths all inter-penetrate each other and breathe as one with the Earth and Atmosphere, the outermost etheric auric field, the Anandamayakosa, is enlivened and directly experienced as SAT CIT ANAND / the true experience of heart-mind bliss, as an indicator that healing is occurring. Karmas are suspended and burnt off according to the intent of the receiver to not pick up old samskaras the minute they get out of the room. The Manomayakosa or mental/ emotional body is strengthened via the Hora and Solar Plexus/ Manipura chakra by with this Pranic nutrition to assist in giving one the will-power to carry through. The healing is given and then the participant must pick it up inside themselves and carry on with it, like jump-starting a dead battery, the engine must keep running to hold the charge and recharge fully. On average it takes from 10 to 90 days to sufficiently re-wire the body and recreate new permanent circuitry physically. The subtle psychic pathways will be created in the 108 minutes of the ceremonial healing and easily can hold its pattern for a fortnight . Some people are so intent and focused on their healing and have no blockages remaining and those are ready to experience instant and permanent healing on the spot. This could be your experience, if you take responsibility for your part in the seemingly passive play of energies here.

To assist your inherent abilities as a light being to heal itself, you will be receiving a continual focused stream of vibrational blessings from the lineage of enlightened forces dating back to the Satya Yug, via Niradhara’s live voice, trained, experienced and empowered in these Sanskrit mantras. The frequencies focus on heart / thymus activation accompanied by an attuned instrument to activate the thymus gland on even more visceral level, giving a boost up for emotional, mental, karmic, samskaric, spiritual and even physical healings to occur quickly and effortlessly, and to empower this vibration to travel through the Merkabah (all koshic realms) and energies in the body. This gentle and powerful healing process is a total clearing of karmic debts and blockages, remarkable changes can and will take shape cellularly by Pranic currents doing their work. These changes often defy the normal ideas about the disease and healing process. It is most definitely best to let the vibrational healing happen experiencially without mind-vibrations interferring with skepticism and judgement. Words are really so inadequate to describe this process. Experience says it all.


A few things will make your experience much easier and enjoyable as well as promote the maximum benefits you can receive:

Bathe or shower and wear clean clothes. Fast before coming or if you must eat, please take only fruits, nuts, other whole raw food only and eat lightly. YajnyaChods begin at 11:11am so this shouldn’t be too harsh. Take plenty of clean good water and herbal tea, not coffee or caffienated tea. It is a good idea to not have any caffiene or alcohol 3 days prior if possible.

Bring a bottle or thermos of clean good water – not tap water, not mineral nor flavored water. Spring water is best even if its bottled. Warm (not hot) thermos of water is even better.

Bring your favorite blanket and your fav pillow too. Test this out laying on the floor at home - the same pillow you use in your bed may be too fluffy for the floor. A mat and blanket folded for padding under you will be provided. If you have a camping mat or any other comfort details that personally make you feel at home, please bring them. Extra pillows are also here. If you have something else you prefer (a plush stuffed cow I recall?) bring it and come a bit earlier if you have special needs to set up your nest.

Ceremony will begin exactly at 11:11 ready or not. So if you think you will need more than 10 minutes to use the toilet, take off shoes, settle into your nest etc, then please come a few minutes earlier. The ceremony will last for approx 2 hours. 108 min if possible exactly. I will do my best to not go overtime. It will definitely not go under-time : ) You may raise your arm if you need anything or have a question the assistant will help.

The ceremony and its mantras are aligned to bring the participants into a meditative state. As thoughts even questions come in about this, or anything, during the ceremony, do not entertain them at this time, set them aside for later, thank them and let them go for now. Bring your attention back to your breath. Breathe up the front and down the back. Use the nose rather than mouth.

There will be herbal tea, juice and vegan gluten-free biscuits, fruit, nuts etc served after to help ground you before driving. It is advisable to have a lift home if possible. No one will be rushed out the door. Bring your fav grounding food if you like, (warm mashed potatoes?) there will be time to lounge and slowly make a move for home. Any questions, comments and dancing for joy can also happen after the ceremony!


suggested donations are:
21 euro ($27) or 7 ($10) for remote -- please click the donate button on the side panel. thank you!

It should go understood that healing is an accomplishment of Love and is done regardless of monetary payment. It should equally be understood that the proper exchange of energies in return for healing is gratitude. How that gratuity is expressed is subjective to the abilities of the person who has received. Certainly some will not have readily financial payment because this is a symptom of the nature of many illnesses which come in need of healing. Because this symptom too will cease and abundance will soon flow in the recipient of healing, you may pledge to repay in kind at a specified later date or you may choose to exchange energy without cash by spreading the word about their experience, spending time or energy in assisting the practitioner on other sessions or some other personal creative exchange which the practitioner will appreciate.

However, because the nature of the economic construct we are living in, the practitioner cannot sustain without some monetary gratuity. Cash will also need to be donated in order to sustain future sessions (payment for space, heating and for materials used and for the basic needs and transport of the practitioner). Landlords and the electric company are still not accepting my good karma as payment yet : )

Please donate as you are able and in accordance with your heart. Combination of cash and energy exchange is also appreciated. Those who are comfortably able to contribute a monetary donation are asked to do so with the fact in mind that some others cannot. If you can contribute a small amount extra with this understanding, the gratitude is triple returned to the giver for their donation. I personally give my gratitude and appreciation to you, the recipients who cannot pay with money are appreciative of you for making it possible for space to be provided for them to attend, and you yourself can be grateful and appreciate having the affluence to help others. May you be triple blessed!


The healing is possible whether the person is physically present, or connected via a Remote Sample. This is possible because of how the Prana of one location is conncected infinitely to all place and time in space. In the traditional method, a picture, strand of hair (and its DNA pattern) or piece of clothing is used as a substitute. Placed on the altar in prescence of the Fire, these objects carry the unique energy fingerprint and vibrational signature of the person and returns the experience of healing back to its source body. This links whomever to whatever ritual is taking place, unimpeded by time or space.

Use a recent photo, medium size such as 4 x 6 inches (on photo paper is best).
On the reverse, put the birth name and birth date.
On the reverse tape a SINGLE STRAND of HAIR.
Also tape a SMALL square from some unwashed piece of clothing you have worn. (1 or 2″ square or could be a label).

if you can lie down comfortably and warmly wherever you are during the ceremony, and tune into our energy this would be the optimum situation though many will participate remotely because they are working or have family commitments during that time.  note that when you do get home and have time to rest, do so with intent and you may have the best night sleep ever or feel either amazing or lightheaded until grounded with breakfast the next day.

different responses depend on different levels of healing needed and openess to recieve it.

Bring it in or send to us via fb message or email Niradhara here , along with your preferred contact email.


It is important to note that although you may feel wonderous effects in the days following this healing because your vibrational field has been supported and shifted into a healing process, this healing may or may not be permanent depending on your steps to maintain it. The experience itself can easily be the inspiration to change an unhealthy lifestyle that has caused an illness or addiction, but unless you actually follow thru with lifestyle and more importantly, mentation changes, new karmas will accumulate and the effects will wear off. Don’t worry! You can come a second or third time but often it isnt necessary except that many of the participants just enjoy the extra support. Even in the case of cancerous growths, there have been reports of total reversal and even dissolving of tumors. These results will be experienced by those who have intense faith. By faith I don’t mean in the western sense of blind faith, but in the Sanskrit the word is ‘shraddha’ - an inherent knowing and complete conscious confidence of the way-it-is. While the pain and suffering may very well be lifted by this healing, it is always advisable to consult your physician to confirm diagnosis and see what physical methods may still be necessary or not.

This is inter-dimensional healing. Most noticeably affected by karma are the physical body / Annamayakosa and Manomayakosa / mental and emotional body. Pranamayakosa is more fluid and also controllable by breathwork and the methods of Yajnya. The Body that does the actions or karmas is going to reap the benefit or disappointments of what their actions are. Remember, Annamayakosa literally means body made of food, so your diet is going to play a big part in how well this healing remains with the physical body and its astral, etheric, causal dimensions as well. Good organic, plant based whole foods and clean drinking water are a huge support. The layers of the body are not isolated, they are interpenetrating. And... You literally ARE what you eat! Keeping a positive thought pattern is also vitally important so avoid nay-sayers!  Please choose your company to keep wisely during the following days and weeks.  Do not allow others to rewind and play negative tapes in your head!


email Rev.

 Niradhara Mari. Religion is a finite

thing that attempts to define the Infinite. If religion is our human container for Spirit and each of the religions is like a stone in the river, then I am, as an Interfaith Minister, like the water that flows between the stones. i attended and graduated from the New Seminary, was ordained by the Interfaith Temple of New York at St. John the Divine's Chapel in NYC, as an Interfaith Minister to serve the religious and spiritual needs of all people regardless of race, creed, nationality, gender or sexual orientation in accordance with my ordination vows. i can travel throughout the 5 boros and am often in the Catskills upstate (AnandaAshram is a great spot for a wedding) as well as NJ and PA.

i was featured in my Guru's Satsang publication a few years back click on Satsang at the top and scroll to the end where the latest is published. Yogic/Vedic Fire healing is called Yajnya. this form of healing comes from Ayurveda and is a pranic purifier healing the bio-energy with the dynamic of prescribed ingredients in the fire and Sanskrit mantras. this treatment is excellent for cleansing and clearing a space as well as healing for humans and pets. i combine the vibration of a Moldavite Crystal Singing Bowl tuned for healing with the Thymus gland, Reiki with crystals, Shiva Lingams and mantra healing during this personalized therapy. one treatment is often sufficient to realize dramatic results.

in addition to Praying with Fire and Healing with Fire, i am available for weddings, funerals, baby namings, blessing art openings, music events and other celebrations, group prayer rituals, meditation circles and Interfaith ceremonies including GLBT friendly for any occasion with the added dimension of Fire or not. the method of mantra and breath with Fire is also a very effective group meditation.

if you have any special event you would like to have a ceremony created for, with or without the element of Fire, please contact me at